Day Care at Nanganallur, Chennai

Find Out How!

What we do!

Since we operate from Home itself your child will not feel that he/she is going back to a school on the same day after the school.

Hence he/she would feel that they have reached home back not yours but ours.

  1. Except that we shall ensure that the food that is provided by you is eaten properly. 
  2. That they take adequate rest
  3. That they complete the home works if any given by the school.
  4. Nothing Else!

What we don’t

We don’t provide them with some exercises and try to rate them amongst other kids.

We don’t rank the kids based certain assessments. Because we don’t assess them at all.

We relish being with kids and that’s what we love doing. Hence your kids are safe with us.

I have been leaving my kids here at this daycare cum home for the last one year. This has been fantastic. I have also tried some where else within nanganallur.



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