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Tiding over Corona

An important announcement: Situation is tough and hence we have made a very important decision. 1. Swiggy is delivering food across chennai 2. These are delivered at specific timings 3. We now have got tied up with swiggy and you can order breakfast, lunch, dinner through them 4. Same home ...

Vegetarian Gourmet Recipes – Meatless Makeovers

Three years ago I decided to go "meatless." It wasn't a difficult decision as I wasn't a voracious carnivore to begin with, however there were a few dishes that I missed that contained meat and wondered how I was going to live without these favorites. Rather than resign myself to the notion that ...

Must-Try Vegetarian Recipes for Healthy Snacking

Starting a healthier lifestyle means adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet. While meat is not completely off the table, most healthy eaters prefer greens and grains in their daily meals. You can start small by snacking on nutritious dishes made out of fresh fruits and vegetables only. So ...

3 Must-Try Vegetarian Grill Recipes For Healthy Eating

Eating a sufficient amount of fresh fruits and vegetables does nothing but good to your body. If you love barbecues, try any of these delicious vegetarian grill recipes. Whether you have vegetarian friends coming over or you simply want to enjoy a healthy snack or meal, these dishes are the perfect ...

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